Industerro Chemicals

Industerro Chemicals

The specialist in coating chemicals and process lubricants for container/packaging glass manufacturers.

Industerro is an international trading company that specializes in the distribution of coating chemicals and process lubricants to container/ packaging glass manufacturers.

Our products are sold exclusively to end-users in Russia, Ukraine, other countries of The CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), the Baltic States, Central Europe, Eastern Europe and a part of the Middle East, where Industerro is the sole distributor of Kleenmold®, Certincoat® and Tegoglas® lubrication and coating products.

As you might expect from a company with over 40 years of experience, we have both the expertise and the network to deliver high-quality lubricants and coatings. On time, and wherever they're needed.

Industerro distribution


Over the years, the Kleenmold line of products has grown with the glass industry and currently many different lubricants, coatings and release agents from shear sprays to cold end coatings are available.

Kleenmold coating chemicals


The Certincoat® Hot-End Coating System and Certincoat® TC100 are the best available systems in the market which deserved there number 1 status over the last decades.

Certincoat coatings


Tegoglas® is the most widely recognized name in cold-end coating products around the world; a name that means quality, performance and ease of application.

Tegoglas glass solutions


The GLASSMATE family of materials and products are especially engineered to meet the needs of the glass container industry.

POCOgraphite products


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